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Why Apex Management Group

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At AMG, we know that a lot of work goes into managing successful associations (HOA Management) and our Property Management Services. That’s why we put our expertise, knowledge, and resources to work for you every day.

To begin, we introduce your association to innovative programs that can save time and money. Then, we help you to find the right vendors to partner with to meet your association’s special needs. From there, we assemble an account team just for you with experts to assist in overseeing operations and financial matters, managing staff and maintenance needs, creating community newsletters and so much more!

Our Process

Complimentary Initial Consultation

Remember the questions we asked earlier? We help answer them, go over our services, fees, management contract, your timeline and market expectations. Whether you decide to hire us or not, you will leave this meeting a lot more knowledgeable about every aspect of property management and your local market.


Preparation for Market

During the initial consultation, we will provide an estimate of everything that needs to be done in order to maximize rent and minimize days on the market. It can be anything from cleaning, caulking, painting all the way to more substantial renovations.


Advertising and Marketing

With the property looking as good as new, we make sure it gets maximum exposure with advertisements appearing on an array of different websites, such as Craigslist, Trulia, Zillow, Facebook, Hot Pads, and the traditional MLS Service. Our agents perform unlimited showings and open houses until a rental application is submitted.


Tenant Screening

In order to ensure we have the highest quality tenant possible, we carefully examine their credit history, verify income and employment, examine previous landlord / personal references, and finally cross check agent tenant blacklists and criminal history records.


Lease Execution

We prepare a lease contract fully compliant with local jurisdictional law including any necessary attachments required by condo associations. The lease is reviewed in detail with the tenant as well as the landlord so both parties are on the same page as far as expectations from the beginning. The executed lease is delivered to all parties.


Walk-Thru & Move-In

We help coordinate the tenant’s move to make sure it is compliant with all neighborhood or condo regulations. During the walk-thru, one last set of photos are taken to document the condition of the property at move-in. The tenants will be expected to leave the property in the same condition minus normal wear and tear. At this point, the security deposit is collected and the keys are handed over to the tenant.


Continual Maintenance & Rent Collection

We continually monitor the property, perform regularly scheduled maintenance and collect rent on a monthly basis through our management portal. We are aggressive with delinquency notices and have an excellent collections attorney. Emergency requests are addressed immediately and non emergency repairs are performed within a timely manner.


Take your community to the next level by calling us today for a free quote on HOA Management services.

Advantages of Working

with Apex Management Group

Complimentary Initial Consultation

Do you have a complex problem that’s keeping you up at night? Need a second opinion on a tough issue? Don’t hesitate to ask and we will do everything we can to help find a solution. Let us tour your building and we’ll put together a list of easy fixes that will have an immediate and visible impact on the value of your community

Bundled Services

Associations looking to save time, money and increase the quality of all their operations are taking advantage of Apex Management Group’s “Bundled Services Program”. Through our strategic partnerships, we can offer janitorial, front desk, concierge, building maintenance and security services all under one roof. The more services you bundle, the higher the potential for savings.

In-Unit Maintenance (for Condominium Associations)

If you have a problem in your unit, simply call us and we’ll send our in-house contractor to fix the problem in record time. All our Apex Management Group contractors are insured, bonded, but best of all, are familiar with every aspect of your building and can therefore offer you savings. Compare that to phone book contractors who charge $100 trip fees just to show up. Unit preparation for leasing is also available at minimal cost.

Full-Service Leasing & Sales

We are not just an association management company but also a sales and marketing organization. We offer substantial discounts for Home and Condo owners who elect to rent or sell their units using Apex Management Group. Since we know the buildings under our management better than anybody, we are in a great position to fill the units with quality owners and tenants.

Owner Portal & Direct Debit Payments

Each resident receives their own personal web portal which can be used to pay condo fees, enter maintenance and service requests, set up automatic direct debit payments, and stay up to date on what’s happening in the community. Never deal with coupon books, checks, postage and late fees ever again!

Green & Sustainable Energy Programs

Going Green is not just good for the environment, it’s good business! We continually monitor energy consumption, perform energy audits and evaluate the feasibility of retrofitting lighting to super efficient LEDs; our long standing relationships with green specialists allow us to offer our clients to the latest technologies and energy saving programs; our team will assist you in uncovering available energy saving options that will work for you. We believe that saving energy is just the right thing to do.

Monthly Reporting

Our industry leading, state of the art accounting software can deliver any financial report imaginable at any point in time and will simply “WOW” you. Financial reports are delivered by e-mail to all board members every month and are instantly stored within their respective web portals for future reference.

AMG Management


  • Coordination of the maintenance and repair of Common Elements of the property
  • Save money and time with our in-house maintenance team
  • Solicitation of bids for maintenance not performed by Management firm
  • Supervision of maintenance and repairs of Common Elements and Capitol Reserve projects
  • Twenty-four-hour emergency services are available to all homeowners
  • Submit to the Board recommendations for preventative maintenance
  • Performance of scheduled inspections of the properties Common Elements
We cover a variety of topics to help board members of all degree’s levels up:
  • How to Read Your Financial Statements
  • Board Training for New Members
  • Understanding Your Reserve Fund
  • New Legislation Seminars
  • Budgeting for Associations

AMG Residential Management

A rental property is a big investment that can come with even bigger responsibilities.

If you are not sure you need a property manager, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you know the exact process in order to set up a legal rental in New England?
  • Do you know if you are subject to rent control and how to obtain a certificate of exemption?
  • Do you have the proper lease forms and attachments required to create a legally enforceable lease?
  • Are you aware of the fair housing laws associated with advertising property?
  • Do you have the contractors on call 24 hours a day to deal with repairs at a reasonable price?
  • Do you have reliable means to determine fair market rent for your property?
  • Do you have the means to check credit and rental history to screen potential tenants?
  • Do you know what to do if a tenant stops paying rent?
  • Do you have the ability to file 1099s at the end of the year?

The cost of one bad or uninformed decision can easily offset years of management fees, not to mention all the stress and hassle involved. If you don’t feel confident answering any of these questions, Apex Management Group can help.

AMG Association Management

Managing associations is a serious undertaking that comes with huge responsibilities.

If you are not sure whether your association or property is being effectively managed, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you spend more than 3 hours per month working on Association/Property business?
  • Are you unsatisfied with the cost and performance of your contracts?
  • Do you consult an attorney on a regular basis?
  • Are your condo fees higher than other, similar buildings?
  • Do you still use coupon books to pay your monthly assessments?
  • Do you continually tell your management company what to do?
  • Do you feel your building is not as clean as it should be?
  • Does your management co. avoid taking financial responsibility for a bad decision on their part?
  • Do you have outstanding issues that have been lingering for a long time?
  • Have your utility costs been rising over time without a plan to control costs?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, your current management company might not be performing to the minimum standards our clients have come to expect.

Schedule a complimentary consultation to learn more about how AMG can help your Association.

These informative seminars are open to all board members who wish to enhance their level of knowledge, understand the accounting and financial side of the association, and gain better knowledge on timely topics. These comprehensive presentations are usually one to two hours in length with a Question & Answer opportunity at the end.

FHA Properties

FHA Condo Approval Process

Apex Management Group is currently working with Property Managers, Realtors, Lenders, Homeowners & Boards of Directors, nationwide! For this reason, getting approved has never been easier.

What can the AMG Technology Do for You?

Manage Even More with our ‘Rent Manager’ Client Portal.

With the sophisticated Rent Manager Property Software, you can access all of the tools on the website and more:

  • View Your Account Information
  • Make Payment
  • Request Maintenance
  • Report a Violation
  • Request a Parking Pass
  • HOA Alteration Request
  • View Pool Passes
  • And More!

Real Estate Consulting

The one constant and never-changing truth about real estate investing at any level is that there will always be change. The form of the change can be dramatic as we have seen many times over the past few decades or slow and gradual as we have seen over the last 15 years. The most successful investors had a plan stuck to it and did not allow emotions to control their decision-making. The worst of times created buying opportunities and the best of times created opportunities to take some money off the table or invite partners to join your efforts. Regardless of the present moment market condition, the fact is, knowing and regularly reviewing your objectives is a key determinant of your success. The team at AMG can help you weather the long-term multi-generational market or help you accomplish your short-term investment goals with short-duration real estate projects. Our personal experience with every aspect of real estate investing including new construction flips, rental portfolios both large and small, commercial property re-purpose, and much more allows you to trust in the fact that we have been here before and have the knowledge, experience, and persistence needed to complete your objectives. Whether you are ready to take the next step in your real estate investment plan or are ready to start one, we are the team for you!